/PIC International & CS International Conference

PIC International & CS International Conference

16 - 17 April 2024 | Brussels, Belgium

Connecting, informing and inspiring the integrated photonics industry


Talk by Ruud Oldenbeuving on Designing high power hybrid integrated tuneable lasers for automotive LiDAR 

Currently, in systems using photonic integrated circuits (PIC), not many integrated options for lasers on-chip are available. So generally, off-chip devices (pig-tailed lasers, etc) or underperforming on-chip devices are used. From both price and performance point of view, this is an undesirable situation. Especially, for automotive-grade solid-state FMCW LiDAR systems, the elephant in the room is generally ignored; the optical output power generated by the laser is too low, and/or the mode-hop free tuning is too little and too slow. In this presentation, we will show designs that offer a customized laser suitable for FMCW LiDAR, with powers only limited by nonlinear effects in the PIC platform, wavelength tuning ranges of over 100 nm and laser linewidths and chirp ranges appropriate to that of a distance measurement of 300 m (source to target). Our current hybrid integration solution is targeted at c-band, but the approach is valid for all wavelengths for which the PIC platform is transparent.

Talk by Philippe Absil on Silicon photonics for AI/HPC Optical Interconnects:

The AI and machine learning applications roadmaps call for low power and high bandwidth interconnects surpassing the limitations of Cu wires for the ethernet networking, within the computing clusters and eventually within the servers. In this presentation we will review some of the trends and innovations needed for the silicon photonics technology platforms to enable the broad adoption of silicon photonics at the heart of the AI systems. 

Talk by Nadine Collaert on Harnessing the Power of RF GaN-on-Si Technology for Next Generation Connectivity 

In recent years, GaN-on-Si technology has captured significant attention within the connectivity community, emerging as a groundbreaking solution to address the inherent challenges associated with power generation and efficiency at higher frequencies. The wireless industry continues to be driven by the pursuit of higher data rates and enhanced capacity. The introduction of mm-wave, with its substantial feasible bandwidth, holds immense potential for enabling immersive communication with remarkable throughput, as the sub-6GHz spectrum becomes increasingly congested. But the deployment of mm-wave technology has encountered delays due to technical obstacles on both the infrastructure and user equipment fronts. Recognizing the current landscape, there is a strategic compromise being sought in the FR3 (6-24GHz) spectrum. This spectrum not only allows for achieving high coverage but also facilitates higher bandwidth, making it a viable middle ground. This presentation will delve into the advancements in RF GaN technology specifically tailored for infrastructure and handset applications. The focus will be on elucidating the progress made in navigating the challenges of higher frequencies, ultimately contributing to the evolution of wireless connectivity.

At PIC international imec is present with a booth on our Silicon photonics offering. 

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The 9th PIC International conference aims to connect, educate, and inspire the photonic integrated circuit (PIC) industry. With presentations covering seven sectors, attendees will gain insights into topics like Hybrid PICs: Pioneering New Frontiers in Photonic Integration; PIC Packaging: Securing Optimal Integration and Performance; Quantum Era: Unleashing PICs' Boundless Potential; Rapid Scaling: Foundries Fuelling PICs' Mass Production; Accelerating PIC Adoption in Established Markets; PIC Size and Simulation: Enhancing Design Efficiency, and Power Efficiency: Minimizing Consumption in PICs.

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