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Science for Health

November 12, 2024 | SQUARE, Brussels, Belgium

Biology meets Technology: AI, Data & Digitalization

Science for Health is a highly anticipated annual event that brings together the brightest minds and key stakeholders in Belgian Life Sciences. Each year, we delve into a different topic of significant strategic importance to the industry, fostering collaboration and driving innovation.

This year’s edition will focus on AI, Data & Digitalization and how these tools can accelerate innovation in Drug Discovery & Development and Prevention & Diagnostics. Through world-class speakers, international case studies, and a collaborative round table, we’ll discuss how technology can help us understand disease mechanisme and identify potential drug candidates for clinical trials. And how does technology contribute to more personalized and preventive healthcare by enhancing early disease detection and identifying potential individualized risk factors for optimal treatments?

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Science for Health is organized by MEDVIA, BioWin, HTS, and supported by several partners including imec.

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