/Semicon Taiwan 2022

Semicon Taiwan 2022

14 - 16 September 2022 | Taipei, Taiwan

Heterogeneous Integration Global Summit


Lars-Åke Ragnarsson

Date: Wednesday, September 14th, 2022
Time: 12:40 - 17:00 (12:40-13:00 for registration)
Location: 505ab, 5F, TaiNEX1

Semiconductor Sustainability Summit

Taiwan government announced the 2050 net-zero emission pathway in March 2022. To achieve the goal of 2050 net-zero transition, we need to corporate with the worldwide supply chain and strive for the net-zero future together.   ​

The semiconductor industry is an important industry in Taiwan, especially the midstream wafer manufacturing market accounts for as much as 77.3% of the global market, ranking first in the world. The semiconductor industry is also deeply influenced by climate-related issues. With understanding the impact, risks and opportunities of climate change on the semiconductor industry is important for investment and decision-makers.  ​

The "Semiconductor Sustainability Summit" will focus on the themes of the Green Innovation of Zero Waste, Carbon Reduction and the Sustainable Innovation technology of Transformation in the manufacturing field.  ​

Thru this summit, you may gain: ​

RAISE  green supply chain resilience of sustainability  ​
LEARN  from other leading companies on new value of sustainability  ​
LAUNCH  collaboration among partners on the sustainable innovation technology ​ ​

Session Keynotes Focus On—

  • The green innovation technology of zero waste, carbon reduction and best practice  ​
  • Exchange valuable ideas on the innovation technology 

Christian Bachmann

Date: Thursday, September 15th, 2022
Time: 11:10-11:30
Location: Grand Ballroom, Grande Luxe Banquet, 3F, Building A, CTBC Financial Park, Taipei.

Novel sensing technology for automotive safety, comfort and life

  • Many new sensors are entering the automotive to support driver safety, comfort and lifestyle. In this talk, two types of sensor technology are presented.
  • First, we present new high accuracy, secure localization technologies for passive keyless entry based on next-gen UWB and Bluetooth wireless distance estimation. These technologies enable a seamless car access experience. Furthermore, next-gen UWB and Bluetooth could also enable a whole new range of other, hyper-personalized automotive applications for in-vehicle safety, comfort and entertainment services. E.g., UWB radar for child presence detection and trunk kick release. IMEC’s UWB and Bluetooth technology solutions achieve centimeter-accuracy, with robust performance in multipath-environments. Joint distance and angle estimation (direction finding, AoA) enable single-anchor localization. Moreover, security features against relay attacks have been co-designed into the physical layer to create a secure distance measurement between Bluetooth or UWB devices.
  • Second, we offers next-generation imaging radar technology from 60GHz, 77/79GHz, 140GHz to future 300GHz frequency range . E.g., 79 GHz dual-channel radar SoC design using digital modulation, enables large arrays and detection of high- velocity targets. It exploits standard CMOS technology for highspeed baseband processing at a low-power budget. It avoids complex chirp-based PLLs typically required for frequency modulation, and has attractive interference properties, key for dense automotive deployment. Furthermore, the advanced PCB-embedded waveguide technology is designed for automotive radar system development. It brings 10 times lower loss performance compared to current planar technology and enables more cost-effective PCB solution for radar system.

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The three-day SEMICON Taiwan exhibition gives you insights and the big picture of the semiconductor industry. From materials, equipment, design, manufacturing, system integration to emerging vertical applications, it’s an opportunity for you to have a deep dive into the latest market opportunities and industry trends.

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