/SEMICON West 2021

SEMICON West 2021

07 - 09 December 2021 | Hybrid event

SEMICON West is THE place to reconnect with colleagues, partners, customers, and find new connections to drive your business forward. It’s where the entire extended electronics supply chain unites to see what’s next and discover the latest innovations driving industry growth.

This year, SEMICON West offers an accommodating IN-PERSON and VIRTUAL approach to this premier event. REGISTER TODAY to—

  • HEAR visionaries and executives from across the microelectronics supply chain and its end markets.
  • INTERACT with exhibitors In-Person + Virtually.
  • EXPERIENCE energetic sessions + exciting demos in the Pavilions on Smart Manufacturing, Smart MedTech, Smart Mobility, and WFD+DEI—Workforce Development + Diversity, Equality, & Inclusion.
  • ACCESS DAC—Design Automation Conference. The largest event for design automation of electronic chips to systems—cross-industry collaboration is key to exploring shared technology challenges and opportunities.


Anna Herr, Scientific Director, imec - Superconducting Digital Technology for Quantum Computing
Dec 9, 1:35 pm - 1:55 pm

Superconducting digital technology has long been advocated as an enabler for future scaling of superconducting qubits. Compatibility in energy levels, operating temperature, materials, and fabrication processes are common arguments in favor of a fully superconducting solution for an integrated classical-quantum processor. In such system, classical superconducting circuits have advantages in record low power dissipation and speed with the potential to provide unique performance at all levels of the computing stack from decoding and data preparation, to the mixed-signal interface with the qubits. The superlative properties of superconducting logic and interconnect give power densities of less than 1W per square cm, enabling 3D packaging with unprecedented computational density. In practice, application of superconducting digital circuits for quantum computing has been limited to a few pioneering experiments. Superconducting digital technology requires innovations to reach a level to be widely accepted by the quantum community. In this talk, we will review the status of superconducting digital technology and outline the research and development needed to overcome maturation challenges.

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