/Semiconductors for next-gen mobile technology: a full overview

Semiconductors for next-gen mobile technology: a full overview

December 14, 2022 | Online, 8:00am PT | 11:00am ET | 17:00 CET

Two performance dimensions are key when we talk about next-generation mobile communication systems: throughput and power efficiency. Both are expected to improve significantly. In this webinar, we focus on what this means for the radio hardware of beyond 5G systems. We specifically want to demystify less-understood aspects, such as semiconductors, and the integration and packaging for mobile devices vs. infrastructure.

For frequencies of mmWave and higher, we have reached the limit of what current silicon technologies can enable. Much like the semiconductor industry running against the limits of Moore for scaling, the Johnson figure of merit makes us rethink mobile communication technologies.

One of the favored solutions is to blend different technologies to achieve benefits at the system level. Heterogenous integration is rapidly becoming important for the future roadmap of mmWave and sub-THz communication and sensing front ends. We will share the latest developments and timelines of CMOS and III/V semiconductors, crucial to developing a robust mobile technology strategy.