/SPIE Digital Optical Technologies

SPIE Digital Optical Technologies

25 - 29 June 2023 | Munich, Germany

The conference for the components, systems design, and applications of emerging digital optical technologies


26 June 2023 • 15:10 - 15:30 CEST | ICM Room 21

Talk by Matt Traub on Nanoimprint-based pattern transfer to 300 mm substrates

As flat optics become increasingly mainstream, there is high interest in improving patterning resolution, making new materials available, and lowering manufacturing costs for these components. Because of their maturity across the entire supply chain, 300 mm m offer one of the best opportunities to simultaneously achieve all of these goals. By leveraging existing tooling and knowledge from 300 mm CMOS patterning, the high-pattern resolution of immersion DUV mastering can be combined with nanoimprint lithography and etching to achieve pattern transfer to optical materials. Wafer scale CMOS metrology can also be leveraged to optimize process uniformity and repeatability. This talk will present imec’s recent developments in utilizing CMOS fab tools to pattern high-index dielectrics on 300 mm substrates.


The symposium will highlight all digital aspects from design, fabrication, to integration in systems and final functionality around the following topics:

  • immersive displays and sensing
  • IOT sensors
  • automotive and robotics
  • computing and datacom
  • quantum technologies
  • biomedicine

These are emerging today as very hot topics in academia, research institutions and industry, as well as in the venture capital community. Researchers, engineers, managers, industry leaders as well as market analysts are welcome to share their knowledge and experience, and be part of the ongoing digital optics revolution.

Learn about recent advances in using digital technologies to enhance the performance of optical imaging and display. Find out about new approaches that push digital principles at the macro-, micro- and nanoscales to the forefront of optics. Exchange new ideas, address your shared concerns, and get access to information not yet published in the mentioned topical areas.

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