/SynBioBeta 2024

SynBioBeta 2024

06 - 09 May 2024 | San Jose, USA

The global synthetic biology conference


Imec will be hosting a main stage plenary discussion and presenting in a breakout session.

Panel discussion - Wednesday, May 8th (14:45 - 15:30):

The road to autonomy: evaluating the current landscape of self-driving labs

Moderator: Erik Crawford (imec) / Panelists: (to be announced)

The journey towards fully autonomous, self-driving labs (SDLs) marks a transformative era in synthetic biology, leveraging robotics, lab-on-chip technologies, and AI to revolutionize biological research. This panel will shed light on the remarkable progress and opportunities in SDLs for automating complex experimental tasks. Despite the promise, SDLs face significant hurdles, such as hardware limitations affecting scalability and AI algorithms capable of navigating the complexities of biological data. Our panel will address these challenges and share the essential technological and computational advancements for overcoming them and achieving full laboratory automation. Join us to gain valuable insights into the journey toward transitioning from semi-automated to fully autonomous research environments

Presentation - Thursday, May 9th (14:45 - 15:30):

Compressing bits into atoms: DNA and the future of data storage and compute

Presenter: Liesbet Lagae (imec)

As we enter the biotechnology century, our ability to read, write, and edit DNA is transforming sectors, from human health to industrial manufacturing. Now, the next disruptive technology wave could emerge in the realm of data. By harnessing the compression power of biology, it’s feasible to condense the entire internet into a mere shoebox. Through advances in automation and rapid DNA reading and writing capabilities, experts are increasingly favoring DNA as a long-term information storage solution. Join this session to hear from industry thought leaders about the latest progress in DNA data storage and compute as well as the bottlenecks to make this novel technology accessible to the mainstream.


Attendees are invited to join a four-day summit that delves into the realm of synthetic biology. The event offers an exploration of the reasons behind the plummeting costs of reading, writing, and editing DNA, coupled with the simultaneous rise in speed and accessibility. Participants will gain insights into cutting-edge medical advancements, including cell therapies, vaccines, and living medicines. The summit will also shed light on how companies leverage biology to produce bio-based jet fuel, textiles, concrete, and other chemicals and materials. Engaging with trailblazing entrepreneurs, attendees will have the opportunity to discover innovations in foods, crops, and fragrances. The event aims to showcase the potential applications of these technologies in shaping sustainable manufacturing ecosystems.

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