/Leuven Mindgate VS: A closer look at the mobility of the future

Leuven Mindgate VS: A closer look at the mobility of the future

June 3, 2021 | Online

In this Visionary Seminar, we will focus on Smart Mobility, interpreted as the role of digital technologies in mobility. This needs to be firmly embedded in a broader vision on the nature and the future of mobility.

We base our mobility modes/choices on the distance we need to cover and the context we find ourselves in.

  • Distance: f.i. you may easily go to the bakery nearby with an electric step, but you will not go on holiday to Italy on that step.
  • Context: are you going somewhere alone or with your family with small children, or with someone in a wheelchair? Do you need to carry goods? Did you just buy a bag of fruits or an entire bedroom at Ikea? To get your fruit home you might have other options than to get the bedroom home.

The technology you need/use, is linked to distance and context. Our question is: how do we foresee that these choices in mobility & technology will change in the upcoming 10 years? How far will we go? How far will you go in terms of distance, but also in terms of technology?

Smart mobility solutions need to be green, safe, efficient and inclusive. Next to that, smart mobility can be categorized according to distances covered; you can either go to the local grocery store on your electric bike, or you may need to travel far in (a yet to be invented) hyperloop railway. Mobility as a Service (MaaS) will become the guideline for the traveler.

All of this needs to be linked with the right technology. And that is where our international speakers come in. Our speakers will elaborate on different topics, approaching the term 'future mobility' from different angles and each from their own academic or professional perspective.



Jan Adriaenssens

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