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/Calendar/Visionary Seminar: New Space. But, is it really so new?

Visionary Seminar: New Space. But, is it really so new?

March 11, 2021 | Online

16h00 - 18h50

The exploration of outer space has been at the forefront of scientific and technological development and it still is. But in the last five to ten years the space industry, or space economy as it is now commonly called, has undergone in-depth changes which led to a fundamental shift in its organization.

New technological developments such as the miniaturization and the increased use of off-the-shelf components made the development of satellites and on-board equipment more affordable for new customers, both public and private. New applications in the field of earth observation, positioning and telecommunications (the downstream space market) have further broadened the space economy and have contributed to its solid growth.

Part of these changes was an increasing and changing role of the private sector. Public authorities remain a major stakeholder as they continue to support scientific and technological developments and remain a major customer for space missions. Of course, space remains a challenge for scientists and new challenges, such as space debris, need to be addressed and the public stakeholders therefore remain indispensable partner.

But next to these public agencies, private companies have claimed a more important role in the space economy. Of course, private customers were common for decades but fully private space missions are a more recent phenomenon as are the many newcomers in the space market. Finally, these new features of the space economy have led to an increased interest of outside investors, including venture capital. These different aspects of the space economy are now referred to as “New Space”

All these aspects cannot be addressed exhaustively in just one seminar but our speakers will discuss some major issues!


15:30 - 16:00 Registrations/online login

16:00-16:05 Welcome by Leuven MindGate & online seminar instructions

16:05-16:10 Introduction by chair persons, Kris Vanderhauwaert, VRI, IBN Space 4.0 Coördinator & Hans Bracquené, Bracquené Legal Consulting; Chairman SME4SPACE

16:10-16:40 The State of the Space Industry (Keynote + Q&A)
by Hans Bracquené, Bracquené Legal Consulting; Chairman SME4SPACE

16:40-17:10 The Science Programme of the European Space Agency (Keynote + Q&A)
by Prof. Christoffel Waelkens, KU Leuven

17:10-17:15 Break

17:15-17:45 Building out a space-based data company from scratch to scale (Keynote + Q&A)
by Jeroen Cappaert, Space Program CTO – Spire Global UK Limited

17:45-18:15 Orbital space law and the ‘supraterritorial’ world society (Keynote + Q&A)
by Drs. Ward Munters, KU Leuven, Researcher & lecturer in international space law and policy

18:15-18:20 Break

18:20-18:50 The role of public authorities in a changing space economy (Keynote + Q&A)
by Eric Morel De Westgaver, Director of Industry, Procurement & Legal Services, ESA

18:50-18:55 Closing by Leuven MindGate

18:55-19:30 Networking session