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Work on the future of artificial intelligence at imec

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The AI research at imec aims at addressing the major bottlenecks that the future of AI is facing. How can we make AI more sustainable? How can machine learning models run and learn on ultra-low power sensors? How should the large-scale models of the future look like? These are the challenges that we try to answer at imec. Through a strong hardware-software co-design mentality, we develop new hardware and algorithms that prepare AI for the next decades to come.

On top of that, AI at imec also means developing practical machine-learning driven solutions for solving the world’s wicked problems. From machine learning models to help enable the mobility of the future to AI-driven sensors that can quickly detect neurodegenerative diseases. At imec, we develop novel machine learning methods and models to augment the broad range of sensors that we develop in the domain of life sciences, sustainability and vision. 

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