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Is your product ready for the revolution in high-accuracy location services?

Get imec’s hardware and software support for integrating next-gen micro-location technologies into your products.

Bluetooth channel sounding is about to be finalized and adopted. There’s also increased interest in ultra-wideband (UWB) positioning technology.

In short, the market for high-accuracy location services is moving at lightning speed. How do you make sure you capitalize on the momentum by intelligently implementing these features in your products?

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As the world’s leading semiconductor R&D hub, imec has been at the forefront of Bluetooth and UWB developments for decades, including standardization through IEEE, FiRa, Car Connectivity Consortium and Bluetooth SIG. Our hardware and software technology and IP are licensed to many industry-leading companies. And we’re continuing our efforts to enhance these technologies to enable our partners’ next-gen products.

Joining forces with imec is a surefire way to jumpstart or augment your product offering. We offer:

1. On the hardware front:

  • advanced silicon IP, transceivers, analog front-ends, DBB/modem and hardware accelerators for your ranging solutions
  • antenna design expertise, including ranging and direction finding/angle of arrival (AoA) applications

2. On the software front:

  • high-accuracy ranging algorithms and firmware (Bluetooth channel sounding and UWB)
  • UWB radar algorithms, e.g, in-cabin child presence detection (CPD) and gesture recognition
  • algorithms and firmware for joint angle and distance estimation (JADE), offering single-anchor localization with Bluetooth channel sounding
  • time-of-flight (ToF) security firmware and secure distance bounding protocols to increase security against relay attacks and location spoofing
  • proof-of-concept implementations of algorithms on off-the-shelf platforms

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