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Micro-electrode arrays

For high throughput, multi-modal cell interfacing

Our expertise 

Imec designs and fabricates breakthrough CMOS-based multi-electrode arrays for high-throughput, multi-modal cell interfacing. By introducing CMOS chip technology in multi electrode arrays, imec enables high-quality, high-throughput data acquisition for cell interaction and behavior. 

An example of an application based on imec's multi-electrode arrays is the brain-on-a-chip to decode brain diseases, demonstrated at Future Summits 2022.

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Key benefits

  • An integrated solution for intracellular and extracellular electrical activity recording, voltage- and current controlled stimulation for cell excitation or localized electroporation, impedance monitoring and spectroscopy functionalities. 
  • For multi-well assays, up to 16 different experiments can be run in parallel 
  • Complete and compact system with easy interfacing 
  • Disposable
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