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Flemish Smart Data Space

A shared system makes data easily accessible to governments and businesses


It’s true that data are the new gold. At least, in part. Because contrary to gold, we have an abundance of data. And that sea of information keeps swelling. It’s the result of quickly growing networks of sensors that deliver us non-stop data streams. 

The availability of data is therefore not a problem. But those data are often locked in isolated systems – so-called data silos. And that’s unfortunate. Because if you want to transform data into real gold, you need to connect different kinds of information. For example: the real-time departure times of trains and buses with the availability of shared bicycles at the station. 

Such data combinations offer insights that add value for people. And can therefore serve as the basis for business models. That’s why breaking data silos is an excellent way to boost the data economy

Equal playing field with clear rules 

The Flemish Smart Data Space is a project designed to contribute to the breaking of those data silos. A data space is a decentralized ecosystem for reliably publishing and exchanging data. Not only sensor data, but also other sources of information like address data. 

By the way, decentralized is not the same thing as uncontrolled. The distributed infrastructure guarantees scalability and helps partners to keep control of their data. 

This does impose the existence of clear playing rules to ensure the interoperability of the systems. 

Internet of Water Flanders

Through initiatives such as Internet of Water Flanders we receive a wealth of sensor data. Organizations and businesses can use these for smart applications. 

Four pillars of the Flemish Smart Data Space 

The Flemish Smart Data Space is founded on four complementary pillars: 

1.  Open standards and specifications  

Different systems and organizations need easy access to the data space. That’s why we build it in co-creation. And according to OSLO processes and methods. 

2.  Ready-made building blocks  

The Flemish Smart Data Space is an open architecture of reusable building blocks. Businesses and organizations can plug these into existing platforms. That keeps their costs relatively low and predictable. So that they can fully concentrate on the applications. 

3.  Ecosystem for governments and businesses 

The Flemish Smart Data Space fits into the Flemish government’s ambition to put Flanders in the lead when it comes to digitalization and smart cities. It wants to clear the hurdles for organizations that don’t yet have access to the masses of data that are already out there. To get those data streams flowing, it works with inter-municipal organizations and private companies on the accelerated realization of 5G. 

4.  Strong management 

The smooth functioning of a decentralized system such as the Flemish Smart Data Space requires a diligent management structure.  With clear methods, processes and rules. 


This project is a part of the Flemish revival project Vlaamse Veerkracht. 

  • Imec gives advice, makes prototypes and ensures the quality. 

  • DXC.technology and Cegeka take care of the complete implementation. 

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