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19 May 2020

Imec combines advanced machine learning algorithms and innovations in chip design to achieve cm accuracy and low-power ultra wideband localization

Imec extends its secure proximity portfolio with next-generation high-precision and low-power ultra wideband technology

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28 April 2020

Imec Builds World’s First Spiking Neural Network-Based Chip for Radar Signal Processing

Flagship use-case includes the creation of a smart, low-power anti-collision radar system for drones that identifies approaching objects in a matter of milliseconds

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26 March 2020

miDiagnostics Raises €14m to Accelerate the Commercialization of its Disruptive, Lab-quality Silicon Chip Diagnostics Platform

Supported by existing shareholders and new investors, including tech entrepreneur Urbain Vandeurzen and life sciences entrepreneur Rudi Pauwels

Technology has potential to deliver rapid test results in multiple settings, including future pandemics

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24 February 2020

Imec demonstrates 24nm pitch lines with single exposure EUV lithography on ASML’s NXE:3400B scanner

24nm pitch resolution offers the imec patterning ecosystem a platform for early development towards high-NA EUV lithography

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19 February 2020

First millimeter-scale wireless transceiver for electronic pills

Imec paves the way to a new generation of implantable and ingestible health monitoring sensors

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