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27 January 2020

New standard allows stacked dies in 3D integrated circuits to connect with test equipment

An imec-initiated industry collaboration leads to publication of IEEE Std 1838TM for test access architectures for 3D integrated circuits (3D-ICs)

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11 January 2020

Imec, TNO and Cartamundi develop flexible tags that communicate with standard touch screens

Breakthrough IoT technology for IoT applications featured on cover of Nature Electronics


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9 December 2019

Imec presents forksheet device as the ultimate solution to push scaling towards the 2nm technology node

TCAD simulations of a new forksheet device show 10 percent performance boost and 20 percent cell area reduction compared to gate-all-around nanosheet devices.

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8 December 2019

Imec shows excellent performance in ultra-scaled FETs with 2D-material channel

2D materials paving the way to extreme scaling for logic and memory transistors

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19 November 2019

Imec Awarded a Grant from NASA to Advance Space Health Diagnostics

miDiagnostics’ disposable blood testing device to be evaluated by imec for use in zero gravity environments

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