/HAKKA takes participation in DigiTrans

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HAKKA takes participation in DigiTrans

Expert in digital collaboration platform integrates with UAntwerp and imec AI spin-off

About DigiTrans

DigiTrans was launched as a spin-off of the University of Antwerp and imec in March 2019. The core team of DigiTrans won the Volvo hackathon 2018 in which they developed a proof of concept for a dynamic dispatching system connected to the Volvo Connect platform. DigiTrans is currently partner in VITAL-5G, a H2020 project, and is accepted in the Ports 4.0 acceleration program for new AI ideas development financed by the Spanish government.


HAKKA is a digital collaboration and e-commerce platform for container logistics based in Antwerp. The online HAKKA platform allows transporters to work together and exchange container transport tasks (rides). By exchanging container rides HAKKA achieves its strategic goals: help road transporters be more profitable, reduce unnecessary trips when trucks have to drive empty, contribute to reduce the traffic congestion and enable a cleaner environment. With HAKKA, a creative planner holds all the necessary cards to optimize its transport planning. By working together, road transport carriers reduce every year 120.000 unnecessary trips with a high impact on air pollution. Emissions are reduced with 7500 ton CO2/year. Reducing empty runs takes trucks off the road and reduces traffic congestion.