/Imec.xpand Launches EUR 300M Fund Amid Global Race for Semiconductor Supremacy

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Imec.xpand Launches EUR 300M Fund Amid Global Race for Semiconductor Supremacy

Specialized Fund Targets Global Semiconductor and Nanotechnology Innovation

About imec.xpand

Imec.xpand is one of the world’s largest independent venture capitalist dedicated to early-stage semiconductor innovation. The imec.xpand funds target ambitious deep tech start-ups where the knowledge, expertise and infrastructure of imec, the world-renowned semiconductor and nanotechnology R&D center, can play a determining role in their growth. Imec.xpand has an outspoken international mindset towards building disruptive global companies and strongly believes that sufficient funding from the start is key to future success. The team’s unique ability to assess technology risk in the earliest stages of development enables imec.xpand’s game-changing approach towards hardware driven semiconductor innovation. https://imecxpand.com.


What are the goals of the fund? Are you taking applications?
How much are you investing in each company? Will the investment be similar for future recipients?
How many companies do you expect to invest in?
What types of technology will you focus on?
Where will you invest?
What sets your fund apart in the U.S. and European investment landscape?