/photonixFAB Consortium now open for first prototyping

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photonixFAB Consortium now open for first prototyping

New customer engagement portal enables early technology access

About photonixFAB

photonixFAB is a major technology initiative backed by Euro 46.7 million in overall investment (from the EU and the private sector combined). The mass-production activities involved will be located at X-FAB’s Corbeil-Essonnes facility in France. In addition to X-FAB, other consortium partners include imec, LIGENTEC, SMART Photonics, CEA-Leti, PHIX Photonics Assembly and Luceda Photonics. There are application development partners too, namely Nokia, NVIDIA, Aryballe, and PhotonFirst. More information can be found on https://www.photonixfab.eu/