/Virtual talk: Optical beamforming technology and its applications

Virtual talk: Optical beamforming technology and its applications

See which emerging and highly-anticipated applications could benefit from an optical beamforming network

While classical optical fiber communication is well established and highly deployed within our internet backbone, other novel applications are emerging and require customized photonic technology and modified circuitry design:

  • Autonomous vehicles need long-range and high-resolution sensing mechanism for safe driving.
  • Microwave photonics which cover 5G networks and high-resolution radars require high and flexible bandwidths with directional communication links.
  • Free-space optical communication is demanding for high-data-rate and secure communication for both satellite and ground remote links.
  • The medical domain moves towards more accurate diagnostic and scanning tools.

Emerging applications that promise volume production and low-cost devices are getting enormous attention by application companies as well as end users. These applications could make use of optical beamforming network to steer, shape and focus light non-mechanically.

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In the presentation, we cover:

  • How imec's industrial-grade integrated photonic platforms (Si/SiN) support on-chip optical beamformers.
  • What are the key building blocks for compact and low-cost solid-state LiDAR systems.
  • How imec can help you with the full development of your LiDAR engine: from design to manufacturing and characterization.

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