Monolithic microsystems
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White paper: monolithic microsystems

Learn how to elevate your application to new heights with advanced functionalities on top of CMOS.

Think of a standard CMOS wafer with electronic functionalities or imagers, and top this with M(O)EMS, photonics, fluidics, electrodes, filters, etc.

Such a monolithic approach turns your application into an integrated solution with massive sensing parallelism, and improved speed, performance, cost and user-friendliness. 

This white paper dives into the power of monolithic microsystems and the various functionalities that can be post-processed on top of (foundry) wafers. You'll also learn how you can leverage imec's state-of-the-art cleanrooms and lithography options to realize your post-processing ideas – up to prototyping and (transfer to) manufacturing.

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What to expect from this white paper?

In this white paper, you will learn about:

  • integrated photonics and the low-temperature SiN platform
  • functional layers for imagers and LED displays
  • precision fluidics and the benefits of silicon-based fluidics
  • the integration of novel materials in the post-processing stack
  • imec’s infrastructure for post-processing