/Quantum electro-optics

Quantum electro-optics

Leuven | More than two weeks ago

An application-oriented research exploration on how electrically controlled optics might help to enable emerging quantum technologies.

What is limiting the upscaling of current quantum computing technologies? One might correctly point out to the maturity of the qubit and that this is a question that needs to be answered specifically for each individually quantum computer technology ranging from superconducting qubits over ion trapping to optical quantum computing. A well-functioning electro-optic device technology will be key to each of those quantum computing technologies. For example, the optical readout of superconducting quantum computer requires the at a single photon level up-conversion from the RF-domain to the optical domain.  Or optical and ion quantum computing require highly efficient EO-devices for entangling or routing photons via an electrically controlled high-speed optical switching network.
In this project, we will explore novel approaches to realize electro-optical devices and test their feasibility to enable the various quantum technologies. At the core of this investigations is the evaluation of novel electro-optical materials and how to integrate those into devices that need to be operated at cryogenic temperatures.

Type of project: Combination of internship and thesis

Required degree: Master of Engineering Technology, Master of Science, Master of Engineering Science

Supervising scientist(s): For further information or for application, please contact: Christian Haffner (Christian.Haffner@imec.be)

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