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At imec, your talent is valued

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Everything we achieve, we owe to our people. And we are all different. We celebrate our uniqueness and realize this diversity is essential to fuel our innovation. When we look at what makes our people happy, we know meeting their personal needs and priorities is important.

At imec, we see you, hear you, and we care.


We care about you and your family

We take care of you and support your family and loved ones. Your partner and child(ren) can also join imec's hospitalization plan for free. Our disability insurance and life insurance are designed to protect you and your family from financial risk in case of long-term absence.

As an employee at imec, you also enjoy the many discounts in multiple stores and through partnerships. Moreover, if you work at imec Leuven, your youngest children receive priority at the daycare center, and their older siblings can go to the holiday daycare organized by imec and Ferm Kinderopvang in the summer months (the latter also available at other locations). You enjoy an attractive rate here due to partial intervention by imec.

We care about your time

We care about your time

A healthy work-life balance is essential. In Belgium, you are entitled to 20 annual vacation days when you worked full-time the year before. On an annual basis, imec works with a 38-hours week. In practice, however, we work 40 hours a week (when working full-time). You receive one monthly vacation day to compensate for the two extra hours you worked weekly. The time you invest in imec is also reflected in your compensation. Next to your monthly salary, you are entitled to a holiday allowance and a year-end bonus, which results in a yearly salary of 13.92 months. In addition, we provide meal vouchers of 7 euros per worked day.

We also offer flexible working hours, remote arrangements (including internet allowance and home office equipment), part-time options, and maternity, paternity, and other care leave. You can even choose to swap part of your salary for extra vacation days. All this allows you to spend time on the things that are important to you. 

We care about your future

We care about your future

We encourage you to grow to your full potential in a way that works for you. We invest in your development and career opportunities by offering trainings and supporting internal mobility. 

When we think about the future, we really look ahead. A top-notch pension plan safeguards your financials when you retire. We are proud to say that the imec pension plan is amongst the best 15% in the market and is entirely paid by imec (no employee contribution). Imec also ensures that your pension plan continues to be funded when absent for a long time, and that the life insurance is maintained.

Ready to start your future?

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We care about the way you move

Moving to another country is not something you should do on your own. The practical and formal arrangements can be quite overwhelming. Imec helps you with your relocation to Belgium, including finding housing, moving services, and a relocation budget to cover additional costs you may make. We also support your settling-in process by offering Dutch courses and helping you find your way to a doctor and a school for your children. If you wish, our 'partner coaching program' supports your spouse in finding a job in Belgium.

Imec also enables you to make a sustainable choice for your commute. A wide range of mobility solutions encourages you to choose green transportation. This includes the possibility of leasing a bike and enjoying a bike allowance. We reimburse your bus/train. And there are free charging points for electric bikes and cars at imec Leuven.


We care about the difference you make

Working at imec isn't just a job. Together we are part of a first-rate innovation hub with research that significantly impacts how we will communicate, travel, and live in the future. Your work matters, and we know it. We embrace (y)our success and efforts whenever we can. By celebrating together at our annual summer festival, during our personnel event where we acknowledge our achievements, or simply by making time for a freshly brewed cappuccino at the coffee bar. Often, simple gestures do the trick, but real extraordinary contributions deserve a little more and thus can be rewarded with a collective or individual bonus.

The difference we make goes beyond the impact of our research. At imec, we dare to take a stand. Together we initiate different solidarity and charity initiatives based on what happens in the world around us. Running for cancer research, planting trees for nature conservation, raising money for victims of natural disasters,... Our imec community puts people at heart in everything they do. 

This page provides an overview of benefits that is as complete and correct as possible for our employees working in Belgium. However, specific benefits and conditions may apply to certain positions and offices. As it is impossible to include all details, our HR department will happily provide you with job-related information during your application process.