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Find your future as analog designer at imec

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The world we live in is analog. We are analog. As an analog IC designer you know that analog circuits are the key blocks allowing us to interact with the real world. They enable us to capture images, play music, track our heartbeat and physiological activity, or access the internet on a wireless or wired connection. They determine the true experience of all systems by their performance in power consumption, speed, linearity, noise and area, among other metrics.

Do you want to grow your analog design competence in the most technically challenging and fastest learning environment? Do you want to make a difference for the world? As an analog IC designer at imec, you can work on chips that push the boundaries of the state of the art in numerous applications. At imec we have access to established as well as the most recent commercial foundry technologies. But to design the circuits of the future, commercial technologies do not always offer the performance or functionality required, in which case we can get access to specialty technology options that are fabricated in our own fab, the most advanced research fab in the world.

At imec, we have various analog design teams, focusing on multiple societally relevant applications. We design innovative analog circuits for 6G cellular technology, sensors for life science and biomedical applications, high-speed optical links. We design and build specialty sensing circuits, actuators and image sensors for high precision scientific equipment and space instruments. These are all research projects which are to be absorbed by industry in a 3 to 7 years time-frame. They are all projects with a profound impact on society, always pushing performance to shape the future.

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