Advanced package design for mm-wave communication systems

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For mm-wave communication systems, designing the package that accomodates different chips is as difficult than designing the chips themselves. You will play with the chips and design that package!

With Moore’s law coming to an end, it is believed that a further growth in performance and complexity will necessitate the combination of different chips, quite likely even using different technologies. For example, future wireless communication systems that can handle data rates up above 10 Gbit per second will combine a complex CMOS chip with a silicon bipolar or BiCMOS or III-V-based chip to generate output powers that cannot be generated with CMOS. In this way, heterogeneous integration will become the new design paradigm. In imec, we are using advanced 3D RF packaging to build the high frequency interface for combining different chips to make a wireless communication system that spans the digital baseband part, the analog and the mm-wave part as well as the antennas. This project involves investigating different 3D packaging technologies, high frequency package design, electro-magnetic simulation of the package, and co-simulation of chip and package to ensure the best performance. 
This work is done in collaboration with our research facilities in Florida. Part of the work can be done in Florida.

Type of project: Combination of internship and thesis

Duration: 6 months

Required degree: Master of Engineering Science

Required background: Electrotechnics/Electrical Engineering

Supervising scientist(s): For further information or for application, please contact: Aritra Banerjee (

Imec allowance will be provided for students studying at a non-Belgian university.

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