2.4GHz ULP PAN Radio

2.4GHz Multistandard (BTLE /Zigbee/IEEE 802.15.6) Ultra-lower Power Radio

Macro Name  2.4GHz ULP PAN Radio
Type Hard IP
Short Description(max 128 characters)  2.4GHz Multistandard (Bluetooth Low Energy/Zigbee/IEEE802.15.6) Ultra-lower Power (1.9nJ/bit) Radio
Extra description (optional) Imec offers a white-box IP license with support on a multistandard ultra-low power (ULP) 2.36/2.4GHz radio transceiver. The radio complies with three short-range standards: Bluetooth Low Energy (BT-LE), IEEE802.15.4 (ZigBee) and IEEE802.15.6 (Medical Body Area Networks, MBAN). A proprietary 2Mbps mode is also implemented to support data-streaming applications. A detaield evaluation of all modes is available, including CBT reports for the BT-LE mode.
Market category Consumer Electronics - Automotive - Industrial and medical
Primary Category  Analog & Mixed Signal IP:RF:Transceiver
Node / process 90nm CMOS
Foundry  TSMC
Maturity  Silicon proven on prototypes, hence only white-box license (no corner characterization performed for high volume production)
Leaflet or datasheet URL  
Conference where this IP has been published ISSC2012/ISSC2013
Paper publication URL Download the publication here
Chip area(for Hard IP only) (um**2) 3686400
Width (for Hard IP only) (um) 1920
Height (for Hard IP only) (um) 1920
Constant Power (mW) 5.7mW Tx; 4.5mW Rx (AFE+DBB)
  • Multi-standard 2.4GHz Ultra-low-power radio
  • Supporting Bluetooth Low Energy, IEEE 802.15.4 (Zigbee), IEEE 802.15.6 (MBAN), proprietary mode
  • Low Power operation: 4.5mW/5.7mW for continuous Rx /Tx at 1Mbps, >20 m range
  • Data rates from 250kbps to 2Mbps
  • -93dBm sensitivity
  • covering ear-to-ear in hearing aids and other on-body scenarios
Deliverables whitebox IP license with technology transfer, training and support