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Quality and integrity policies at imec

ISO 9001

Imec wants to consistently deliver results that meet the demands and expectations of its current and future stakeholders.

For this purpose, we have implemented a structured and documented quality management system which is certified against the ISO 9001standard.

This ISO 9001 certificate strengthens imec’s competitive position as an international research center and as a reliable partner.

Imec Belgium has an ISO 9001 certificate for the following activities: consulting, design, research, development, integration, characterization, prototyping and low-volume production. These activities apply to processes, systems and software in the field of nanoelectronics and nanotechnology.

This initial ISO 9001 certificate for the whole of imec Belgium was awarded by SGS in 1997. Since 2005, the audits have been done by Kiwa Belgium NV.

Good governance

Imec's Good Governance Charter prescribes a reasoned system of good governance, taking into account the specific mission and status of imec as a non-profit organization.

The charter is a guideline for a balanced, clear, and transparent distribution of authority and responsibility, outlining the processes of accountability and liability. The charter also contains a code of conduct for all employees of imec.

This charter strengthens the long-term development and growth of imec.

Download imec's Good Governance Charter here.

Research integrity

Research integrity is an integral part of imec's organizational culture.

  • We are precise when conducting research and publishing results.
  • We are cautious and act with foresight and precaution, not harming anyone.
  • We are dependable, both in our scientific work and in our reporting, because third parties trust us.
  • Our research is verifiable, allowing colleagues to follow our progress correctly.
  • We conduct our research in an honest and autonomous way.
  • We are impartial when conducting our research.

Imec’s policy on research integrity focuses on stimulating good research practices. The 'code of conduct' at European level is our reference framework.

Imec has installed a Commission on Scientific Integrity (CSI), which is responsible for imec's policy on research integrity. This Commission also deals with cases of possible research misconduct, such as plagiarism, falsification or fabrication of data. Click here for the procedure for dealing with research integrity problems.

Imec is also member of the Flemish Commission of Scientific Integrity (VCWI). People that are involved in cases of possible research misconduct can ask this commission for a second opinion, after the CSI of imec has come to a conclusion on that case.

Code of conduct for imec’s partners

The Code of Conduct for imec’s partners describes imec’s values, mission, vision, and general ethical working principles. Imec believes that mutual respect for this Code of Conduct is a guarantee for building a trustworthy, fruitful, and professional collaboration between imec and its partners.

Through its research and associated efforts, imec aims for the long-term perspective of a better life in a better society. To this end, imec works closely with partners such as suppliers, research partners and customers.

Imec holds itself to a standard of full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries where it operates, and we expect the same of our partners. Moreover, regardless of their physical location, they shall conduct all their business with imec in a manner compatible with this Code of Conduct.

These values, mission, vision, and general working principles are also described in imec's internal regulations, policies, and internal Ethics Code of Conduct.