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Research update

How chip technology will decipher brain diseases

Imec’s chip technology instrumental is decoding brain diseases. By growing relevant circuits on chip, the mechanisms behind Parkinson’s can be unraveled


Mission Lucidity brings clinicians, scientists, and engineers from imec, KU Leuven, UZ Leuven, and VIB together to gain a deeper understanding of neurodegenerative disorders with the ultimate goal of curing and preventing them. One of the projects (Brain-on-chip) tackles Parkinson’s disease. Central in this endeavor is imec’s high-density multi-electrode array (MEA) that can interface at a single-cell level. With stem cell technology that can reprogram cells, the MEA can create and tweak any relevant brain circuit to study disease mechanisms and the effects of drugs on the circuits. Currently, the first patient-derived Parkinson’s brain circuits have been grown successfully on the MEA.