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No technical degree?
No technical experience?
Passion is all you need.

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It’s time to scratch that technical itch

Can you imagine that you’re the one who ensures that a high-tech environment runs smoothly? That you’re the first person they call when there’s a problem with a million-euro machine? A machine that makes the very first prototype of an electronic chip that will be in everyone’s future smartphone, self-driving car or brain implant?

If that sounds like a dream come true, we have amazing news for you. Imec is a looking for first-line support assistants & process assistants. And one of them could be you.

“But I don’t have a technical degree. I don’t even have any technical experience!”

That’s fine. Your technical itch is all we need. We’ll teach you how to scratch it, in a dual learning program:

  • In the classroom, we’ll give you a basic education in chemistry, electricity, electronics, mechanics and processing techniques.
  • In our cleanrooms, you’ll be getting your on-the-job training from day one.

The program takes six to eight months. And you’ll have a permanent contract from the very first day.

For whom?


How do you know you have the technical itch we’re looking for? Here are some common symptoms:

  • You disassemble your washing machine, purely for the fun of putting it together again.
  • You’d rather spend your holiday in the machine room than on the deck of a cruise ship.
  • Your daughter never got a chance to play with the robot kit you bought ‘for her’.

If this sounds even remotely familiar, we’re looking forward to your application.
We don’t ask for a technical degree or formal technical experience.

What we do ask? A good knowledge of English and your willingness to work in shifts.

Selection process

Our application deadline has passed and you can no longer apply. But don't worry! Keep an eye on our communication channels to stay informed about the new application call.


Training program

You’ll be fully qualified for a job in imec's cleanroom in six to eight months. Those break down into:


Shift work

Our process development never stops, not even at night. That’s why we need first line support assistants 24/7. This means you’ll work in a rotating shift regime (early, late and night) and 1 weekend out of 4 (with corresponding 5 days to recuperate).

Sounds scary? Well, it isn’t. Of course, it will require some adjustments: changing your sleeping and eating habits, taking on a whole new routine.

But working in shifts also means job variety. And interesting benefits, such as handsome bonusses and lots of quality time on your hands while others are ‘insanely busy’. 

Some advantages of working in shifts:

  • You always avoid peak hours: not only in traffic but also in the supermarket, at the gym, ...
  • You can get the kids from school before or after you go to work.
  • You can do your chores and errands during the week instead of watching them pile up for the weekend.


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