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/Webinar: Health applications powered by semiconductor technologies: imec’s vision on the smart health era

Webinar: Health applications powered by semiconductor technologies: imec’s vision on the smart health era

May 27, 2021 | Webinar on demand


In this first webinar of the genomic webinar series, Liesbet Lagae - imec Fellow and Program Director Life Science Technologies – sets the stage by sharing imec’s vision and roadmap for smart health technologies. All the different aspects of imec’s health research are discussed, with applications ranging from cardiology over oncology and infectious diseases to genomics. 

At the heart of all this research is the strong belief that semiconductor technologies can transform life science and smart health applications in a revolutionary way with orders of magnitudes to gain in throughput, sample to answer time and cost. What is key to innovate in all different areas: process technology, material exploration, chip R&D, hardware, analytics, up to the system level. She links to genomics and how semiconductor technologies can act as a gamechanger in the genomics space. 

This introductory seminar sets the stage for the genomics webinar series where imec experts dive deeper into semiconductor-based solutions for sample preparation, DNA/RNA/protein reading, and data analysis while touching upon emerging domains such as spatial omics, nanopore-based sensing and privacy-preserving population genomics.

Liesbet Lagae


Liesbet Lagae – imec Fellow and Program Director Life Science Technologies, imec
Liesbet Lagae is co-founder and currently IMEC Fellow and Program Director of the Life Science Technologies in imec. In this role, she oversees the emerging R&D and business creation. She holds a PhD degree from the KU Leuven, Belgium for her work on Magnetic Random Access Memories. As a young group leader, she has initiated the field of molecular and cellular biochips leveraging silicon technologies at IMEC, Belgium. The life science program has grown from emerging activities to a mature business line that provides smart chip solutions to the life science industry. Applications include medical point-of-care diagnostics, DNA sequencing and storage, cytometry, bioreactors, and implants. She holds a prestigious ERC consolidator grant for developing a platform on single cell analysis and sorting. She has (co-) authored 250 peer-reviewed papers in international journals (h-index 50) and holds more than 20 patents in the field. She is also part-time professor in nanobiotechnology at KU Leuven/Physics department

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