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/How semiconductor technologies will empower the next era of genomics

How semiconductor technologies will empower the next era of genomics

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Interdisciplinary research and the recruitment of new expertise will be indispensable to fuel the next era in genomics. Semiconductor technology and new CMOS-based concepts are good candidates to deliver such new expertise. As no other, the semiconductor industry has succeeded in making more complex and scalable systems, in compact form factors and at reduced prices, with improvements year after year.

In this webinar series, we dive deeper into some semiconductor-based solutions for sample preparation, DNA/RNA/protein reading, and data analysis while touching upon some innovative fields such as spatial omics, nanopore-based sensing and privacy-preserving population genomics.

Who should watch?

This webinar series is intended for anyone involved in genomics and emerging domains such as proteomics, spatial omics and single-cell sequencing. And this for the full ecosystem: start-ups developing new sensor concepts, manufacturers of genomic tools and point-of-care solutions, data analysis and visualization experts, etc.

Are you interested in semiconductor-technology-based sequencing, and want to discover the possibilities of nanostructures, silicon fluidics, large-scale parallelism, amalgamated machine learning for population genomics, and cross-layer optimization as a way to drastically reduce cost or footprint and to increase throughput, then this webinar series is for you.

Since 1984, imec’s expertise is in semiconductor technologies for a multitude of application domains, including genomics. Together with some major players in the genomics field, imec has built up its multidisciplinary knowhow to further unleash the power of semiconductor technologies and concepts, for the next era of genomics.

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