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Webinar: Wearable technologies for implantables and artificial organs

The next step in wearables is ... implantables. We will start tackling chronic diseases with implantable sensors and actuators, linked to the outside world through companion wearables. Ideally, this results in closed-loop solutions for the diseases.

In this webinar on demand, Geert Langereis, Program Manager Health research at imec, sheds light on imec’s recent developments in the field of implantables and artificial organs. He discusses the building blocks that imec is working on, such as wireless powering, communication, and edge computing.

Watch the webinar

Tune into this webinar to learn about:

  • the trends in wearables and implantables
  • a device that imec is developing together with Neurogyn, for the neurostimulation of pelvic nerves
  • Neuropixels, imec’s world-renowned solution for peripheral nerve stimulation
  • the efficient wireless powering of implants

About Geert Langereis

Geert Langereis

Geert Langereis is Program Manager Health research at imec. He studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Twente, the Netherlands. He obtained a PhD from the same university on lab-on-a-chip technology and algorithms. At the industrial research laboratories of Philips and NXP, he developed microsystems technologies for portable, wearable, and implantable applications. His research resulted in over 50 patent applications and over 60 publications, books and book chapters.

Watch the webinar