Connected health solutions

Work together with imec to develop the next generation of wearable, implantable, ingestible and non-contact medical devices and systems.

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One of the ways in which digital technology is revolutionizing healthcare is the introduction of medical devices that continuously and comfortably monitor our bodies.

Do you want to accelerate and de-risk your development of these devices? Join forces with our team of hardware and software experts. They have a proven track record, having developed several critical technologies for industry partners. It's your guarantee for a solution that:

  • delivers clinical-grade and medically relevant data (with several approvals by regulatory agencies such as the FDA and PMDA)
  • makes use of the most advanced sensing, processing and software technology (check our list of patents)
  • is in line with a visionary take on personal, predictive and preventive healthcare

Imec's researchers for connected health solutions work from our offices in Leuven and Eindhoven.

Explore the clinical areas we focus on and the technologies we develop by clicking on the pictures below.

Discover the ways in which you can partner with imec for the R&D of your wearable, ingestible, implantable or non-contact medical applications.

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