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Lens-free imaging

Enhance your life sciences application with automated and continuous monitoring capabilities.

Compared to conventional optical microscopes, lens-free digital microscopy removes the need for expensive and bulky optical lens components to acquire and visualize microscopy images. In a lens-free digital microscope, images are captured on a CMOS image sensor, and digitally reconstructed using software.

Imec’s lens-free microscope features a comparable micrometer-scale accuracy as traditional optical microscopes. While being much smaller and less expensive, imec’s microscope captures a larger field-of-view in one shot, enabling shorter sample processing times. The lens-free microscope paves the way to new applications with living cells and tissues.

Imec’s lens-free imaging microscopy solution leverages digital holographic imaging to automatically identify and classify cells, tissues and more. The system is simple, easy to integrate, customizable and generates high-resolution images (up to 1 µm) with an extremely wide field-of-view.

Key benefits

  • compact: no bulky optics required
  • simple, easy to integrate in your application
  • extremely large field-of-view and imaging resolution up to 1 µm
  • automated, continuous monitoring of cells and tissues for regenerative medicine, drug screening, etc.
  • also applicable in aseptic manufacturing environments

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