Our expertise

Through monolithic integration of microfluidic structures, micro-optics, photonic components and silicon electronics, imec enables complete lab-on-chip solutions. This allows you to improve throughput and accuracy while reducing system cost and size. As experts in hybrid design of silicon and polymer microfluidics, we can support you in R&D, process development and low-volume production.

Read this in-depth article on how microfluidics accelerates DNA-analysis.

Key benefits

  • A single integrated solution, complete with pumps, incubator chambers, ultra-fast microscopes and microprocessors for data processing,
  • Improved throughput and accuracy,
  • Disposable
  • Droplet PCR allowing precise isolation of substances and rapid reaction

More information

Other technology platforms



Detecting more than 100,000 biomarkers in less than 5 minutes


PCR on chip

Accelerated PCR-based tests on Silicon in minutes


High-throughput cytometry and cell sorting (FACS)

Sort up to 30 million cells per minute on one cm2


Micro-electrode arrays

For high throughput, multi-modal cell interfacing


Neural probes

The new golden standard in neuroscience


Lens-free imaging

Continuously monitoring of life processes without disturbing them


Nanopore technology

The driver behind sequencing 4.0