Your road to a job at imec

Ready to grow as a researcher or engineer in one of our small-scale research centers that are all part of a growing international R&D hub?

Imec the Netherlands is ready to welcome you. Just follow these steps and discover the details of the hiring procedure:

1. Application

You can apply for a vacancy by using the 'apply now'-link on the bottom of a vacancy. Please insert your personal information, preferably accompanied by your CV, certificates and references, if any. You will receive a confirmation of your application by email.

2. Screening of your profile

Your application will be screened on your professional background and expertise by the hiring manager or recruiter. Within two weeks, we will inform you about the outcome.

3. Acquaintance interviews

If there's a match, we will invite you for prescreening interviews focused on your CV and motivation. These interviews, with either the recruiter, the hiring manager or a technical expert, can take up to an hour.

4. In depth interviews

If the first screenings are successful, we will invite you for in-depth interviews with HR, technical experts, the hiring manager and the (program) director. We might ask you to give a presentation about a pre-defined case assignment, or about your work too.

The interview with HR is focused on your personality and getting to know you better. To prepare for this round you will be asked to fill in an online personality questionnaire. The other interviews zoom in on your technical abilities and how those fit with the position. When applying for a management position, you may have to pass an external assessment.

Make sure you're prepared: research our organization, our business, our technology and services. Just relax and be yourself. We're just as eager to meet you.

After this round we should be able to decide if you're the right candidate for the job. And we hope you'll know whether Holst Centre is the right company for you.

If you live abroad, we will arrange the in-depth interviews via MS Teams first. If these interviews are successful, you will be invited to our office in Eindhoven for final face-to-face interviews.

5. Job offer

If you have successfully completed all the steps of the recruitment process and there's a mutual fit, you will be screened for Export Control Compliance. After successful screening you will receive a job offer within five working days after informing you with the positive outcome.

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