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Want to have an impact on people’s lives? Start working at imec the Netherlands.

Envisioning things? Or realizing them?
Dedicate your mind to both.

At imec, we lay the foundations for a smarter and better tomorrow. We consider that our mission, as a world leader in nano- and digital technology. At the heart of it all are people like you. As a researcher or engineer, you will rise above yourself by working on challenges you’ve never faced before. In an atmosphere of diversity, flexibility and creativity – the corner stones of our collaborative DNA.

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Academia or Industry? At imec you can have it both.

  • Combine fundamental and applied research and engineering.
  • Grab the opportunity to publish your research and patent your technology.
  • Follow your research instinct and contribute to a clear roadmap.

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Academia or industry?



As a researcher at imec, you’ll be working for a world leader in nano- and digital technology. With the brightest minds and in the most advanced infrastructure. And at the intersection of academia and industry, fundamental and applied research, vision and realization.


Whether you’re an application, electrical, biomedical or any other kind of engineer, you’ll use your exceptional technological knowledge to ensure that our innovation knows no boundaries. As such, you’ll play a crucial role in developing solutions that change people’s lives.

Sales, management & support
Sales, management & support

Technology starts with people. Technology starts with people. At imec, this equals diversity. Are you ready to be part of our inclusive community?


Imec the Netherlands has an internship/ thesis programme for students from all over the world, of various educational levels. In case you are studying at a Dutch university as an EU or non-EU student or when you are studying as an EU student at a non-Dutch university.

Which applications will you be working on?


Vitality and wellbeing

Work with us on next-generation wearable, ingestible, implantable, and non-contact technologies that will empower people to efficiently monitor and manage their own health.


Shape the next wave of automotive transport by developing sensors for autonomous driving and in-cabin experience, or by working on our digital key technology for secure shared mobility.

Smart & intuitive spaces

Future houses and offices demand new communication technologies, sensors and algorithms. This is your opportunity to design them from the bottom up.

Sustainable environment

Want to contribute to a healthy environment? Imec develops technologies for dense agriculture, infrastructural and urban networks of sensors. They enable fine-grained and continuous measurement of air, soil, water and food quality.


Holst Centre | High Tech Campus Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Join the quest for knowledge at this independent R&D center at the vibrant High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. Explore technologies such as the Internet of Things and wearable health solutions. And work with colleagues that match your passion for innovation and creativity.

OnePlanet Research Center | Wageningen and Nijmegen, the Netherlands

How will we feed ten billion people without depleting our natural resources? How can we empower them to make healthier choices? These are the type of questions that our researchers and engineers at OnePlanet Research Center are bent on solving.

Moving and settling in the Netherlands

Moving to another country is not something you should do on your own. The practical and formal arrangements can be quite overwhelming. Imec helps you with the relocation to the Netherlands, including finding housing, moving services and a relocation budget to cover additional costs you may make. We also support your settling in process by helping you to find your way to a doctor, school for your children and offer you Dutch courses.

Francesca Leonardi
Working on innovations to take the industry forward
Working at imec means freedom
Arjen van Heusden
Heleen Boers
Ilkka Kosunen

Francesca Leonardi, Biochemical Engineer at imec OnePlanet

“My curiosity pushes me to keep going and want to learn more. I want to experiment, explore, and see how things work. As a result, I spend most of my time in the lab, which has come to feel like a bit of a second home to me. I love applying my findings to real-world applications.”

Li Huang, Business Team Lead at imec’s Holst Centre

“Imec has given me the opportunity to grow and put my acquired knowledge and experience to the test. This combination of a technical background with a commercial skillset is quite unique.”

Mario Konijnenburg, R&D Manager IC Design at imec’s Holst Centre

“The great thing about working at imec is that you get to share a great deal of knowledge with others, such as with colleagues who have recently graduated or achieved their PhD, for example. I particularly enjoy working with such people, as they are often curious and eager to learn. Together, you can end up developing, say, sensor chips that serve to measure brain activity.”

Sneha, Sensor researcher

“Every year was different. Each year represented another step forward in my career. Here I get the space to grow and learn from my colleagues and managers.”

Arjen van Heusden, Electronics system architect

"You really feel that imec at OnePlanet is moving ahead. It is growing, and I am growing along with it. I want to continue playing a role in enhancing this technology so it can be deployed on a larger scale."

Heleen Boers, Biomedical R&D Engineer

"Imec is a highly multidisciplinary organization. Biomedical engineers, electrical engineers, and hard- and software engineers all work in the same building as you. If you want to make something new, you can do so in a very short time. If you have a wild idea, there are enough smart people around to give it hands and feet and turn it into a prototype."

Ilkka Kosunen, Data scientist

"Imec brought everything together. I already noticed it during my job interview. There were so many different projects I could choose from. I immediately felt that this was an environment for me, where I could grow organically. It turned out that way, too. "

Your road to a job at imec

Ready to grow as a researcher or engineer in one of our small-scale research centers that are all part of a growing international R&D hub?

Imec the Netherlands is ready to welcome you. Just follow these steps and discover the details of the hiring procedure:

1. Application
2. Screening of your profile
3. Acquaintance interviews
4. In depth interviews
5. Job offer