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Imec.DeepTechVentures: supporting deep-tech start-ups and investors

Addressing both technology and market risks, imec.DeepTechVentures ensures maximum chances of success for both visionary investors and entrepreneurs.

Deep-tech solutions materialize when fundamental scientific innovations converge with cutting-edge engineering and design. They can transform the future in various application domains: health, mobility, energy, food and agriculture, computing, space exploration, and more.

High risks and high rewards

Start-ups play a crucial role in bringing deep-tech innovations to the market. Unburdened by legacy portfolios, they can flexibly focus on essential disruptions. If the tech works – and solves the right problem – they and their investors are assured of substantial and exclusive revenues.

Compared with the previous wave of innovation, deep-tech venturing comes with high technology risks. It demands advanced infrastructure, expertise and substantial funding throughout all its stages. That requires a paradigm shift for both investors and entrepreneurs.

Imec.DeepTechVentures' mission is to support deep-tech ventures in addressing both technology and market risks in a disciplined and effective manner. That creates a pathway for maximizing rewards for visionary investors and entrepreneurs alike.

Support for deep-tech start-ups

Imec.DeepTechVentures helps both external and internal deep-tech start-ups.

Are you a start-up with a vision that demands deep-tech disruption? Then you can leverage imec’s unique knowledge and infrastructure in the field of semiconductors, nanotechnologies and smart systems. With imec.xpand, imec’s independently managed € 400 M venture capital fund as a prime investor.

Are you an imec researcher with a breakthrough idea? Imec.DeepTechVentures’ multidisciplinary team guides you through the consecutive stages of commercialization:

  1. the submission of your idea through the innovation challenge taking place twice per year
  2. a three-month enrichment phase, including discussions with potential customers and investors
  3. a funded venture timebox of six to nine months to shape a dynamic technical and commercial team and secure crucial investor relationships
  4. the establishment of the start-up

Services for deep-tech investors

As an investor, you sense the immense potential of deep-tech innovation. However, navigating the landscape of elevated technology risks can be daunting. Imec.DeepTechVentures bridges that gap.

As one of the world’s leading deep-tech innovation hubs, imec can uniquely assess and address tech disruption risks, including a path to manufacturing. And we connect you with start-ups that rely on technologies validated in-house.

This is your chance to invest in solutions poised to redefine industries and address global challenges head-on. Join us in propelling visionary technologies to the forefront of global progress.

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Deep-tech startups supported by imec

These startups talk about how access to imec’s technology and support contributed to their success: 

  • SOLiTHOR, which spearheads the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of innovative solid-state lithium (Li) battery cell technology. Read the press release
  • Swave, which revolutionizes holographic extended reality (HXR) technology to bring the metaverse to life. Read the press release
  • Axithra, which develops a technology platform for therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) to quickly and accurately measure drug concentrations in a patient’s blood. Read the press release
  • Axelera AI, which joined forces with imec to develop groundbreaking computing architecture for high-performance AI, and successfully closed a seed investment round of $12 million joined by imec and imec.xpand. Read the press release
  • Xanadu, which develops photonic chips for fault-tolerant quantum computing. Read the press release
  • Biotelemetry, which developed the next generation of its wearable device for arrhythmia detection with imec. Read the article 
  • Tridimeo, which produced a highly-precise 3D vision solution for industrial robots with imec’s hyperspectral imaging technology. Read the article 
  • Genalyte, which, together with imec, developed and produced disposable biosensor chips for its diagnostic and molecular detection equipment. Read the press release 
  • Sarcura, which collaborates with imec on high throughput cytometry automated (T-)cell separation. Read the press release
  • Neurogyn, which leverages imec’s expertise in implantable solutions to develop a neurostimulation device for pelvic nerve disorders. Read the press release