/Creating And Simulating Two-Qudit Gates

Creating And Simulating Two-Qudit Gates

Leuven | More than two weeks ago

Invent the next high fidelity two-qudit gate to enable qudit quantum computing.

This master's thesis project delves into the realm of quantum information processing by focusing on the creation and simulation of Two-Qudit gates. The initial phase involves an in-depth examination of qudits, the multi-dimensional version of qubits, and the foundational principles of their elementary gates. One of the research goals is to identify the most promising and implementable physical systems for realizing these gates, with potential candidates being neutral atoms, spin systems and superconducting circuits.


Once a suitable system has been chosen, we delve deeper into the theoretical models describing the underlying physics and search for ways to perform qudit gates. These ideas will then be tested using quantum simulations and optimized to gain high fidelities. Starting with elementary single qudit gates we will work our way up to two-qudit gates and try to realize a SUM gate, the multi-dimensional version of the CNOT gate.


The student will have to perform an extensive literature study, followed by quantum simulations using (Python) packages or libraries designed for open quantum systems. Some knowledge in quantum mechanics, open quantum systems and (python) programming is thus recommended.

Type of project: Thesis

Duration: An academic year

Required degree: Master of Engineering Science, Master of Science, Master of Engineering Technology

Required background: Computer Science, Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, Physics, Electrotechnics/Electrical Engineering

Supervising scientist(s): For further information or for application, please contact: James Keppens (James.Keppens@imec.be) and Bart Soree (Bart.Soree@imec.be) and George Simion (George.Simion@imec.be)

Only for self-supporting students.

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