/EM Expert: MM-Wave Packaging

EM Expert: MM-Wave Packaging

Research & development - Florida - Kissimmee | More than two weeks ago

New RF Team in Florida for NSF Engines

EM Expert: MM-Wave Packaging


What will you do:


Next generation communication and radar systems will operate at frequencies beyond 100 GHz. At such high frequencies, traditional interconnect solutions based on PCBs incur excessively high loss and leakage of signal. Furthermore, larger antenna arrays are needed to overcome higher path loss, low amplification, and low absolute power from transistors. Heterogeneous integration of different transistor technologies and passive components is essential to meet link budget and high data rate requirements at these frequencies.


Imec USA is looking for an EM simulation expert with modelling experience in mm-wave transitions, antennas, wafer level components (MIMCAP, TSV, Micro-bumps). Knowledge of both technology and design aspects of mm-wave passive structures and their co-design with RF circuits will be your main responsibility. You will be integrated into imec’s Advanced RF cross-site team across Kissimmee, Florida and Leuven, Belgium and work together with other experts from hetero-integration, circuit design and technology development teams. Literature survey and keeping an up-to-date list of recent (academic and industry) developments in this field will be an additional task.


Your tasks will include:


·       EM Simulations of RF passive components – mm-wave transitions, antennas, MIMCAPS, resistors, TSV, Micro-bumps

·       Simulation and Benchmarking with advanced PCB technologies like IC Substrate, Substrate like PCBs and Scaled organic packages

·       System Technology Co-optimization - Work with 3D technology experts to define technology flows where both manufacturability and EM performance are co-optimized

·       You will be based in Kissimmee, Florida but open to travel to Leuven, Belgium for technical discussions, training and brainstorming


About you:

·       Strong Background in EM field simulations, mm-wave packaging

·       Knowledge of packaging technologies like Infineon EWLB, Amkor Swift, TSMC FOWLP, IC Substrates / mSAP, Silicon interposer, Glass interposer etc.

·       Proficient in EM simulations tool like Ansys HFSS or CST Microwave Studio

·       PhD or a Master’s degree with 3+ years of relevant job experience

·       Experience with circuit simulation in Keysight ADS will be an additional advantage

·       Very good English language skills (written and spoken)

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