/Optimization of the maintenance plan for Wet clean tools in a semiconductor R&D Fab

Optimization of the maintenance plan for Wet clean tools in a semiconductor R&D Fab

Internship/thesis - Leuven | More than two weeks ago

Build and optimize the maintenance of an equipment to improve the availability and reliability. 

During this internship, you'll be working on imec wet clean tools.

You will perform maintenance activities, such as:

  • Regular check and basic maintenance: changing consumables and cleaning
  • Tool performance and integrity checks: monitoring tool parameters on regular basis and defining pro-active maintenance intervention to avoid unexpected system down situation
  • Various general maintenance activities: pump changes, SW backups and electrical, pneumatical and mechanical interventions

The content of your thesis will consist of the following:  

  • Review, optimize and document the maintenance checklist for a specified Wet clean tool together with the responsible engineers with focus on:
    • Pre-task planning
    • Spare parts/consumables preparation
    • Clear criteria to maintain parts to improve quality and repeatability 
    • Profound documentation to increase repeatability from engineer to engineer
    • After care
    • ...
  • Participate in the current day to day maintenance activities together with the leading cluster engineer to build up practical experience
  • Independently perform the basis HW checks on weekly basis
    • Update and improve checklists based on the learnings
  • Generate new PM checklists for CM activities that occur during the stage to standardize the way of working for future re occurrences
  • ...


  • Summarize all reviewed, optimized and newly generated maintenance checklists for One Fab Critical Manufacturing
  • Pareto of all corrective maintenance activities per cluster and improvement actions to reduce lingering/ reoccurring issues

We will provide the following training: 

  • General CR way of working and behavior
  • Basics Wet clean process
  • LAM tool specific training 
  • Chemical training

Language requirements: Dutch, English 

Manager: Mark Godde

Mentor: Stijn Bex

For more information or application, please contact Mark Godde (mark.godde@imec.be)

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