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Build and program a LIDAR system demo using optical beam forming circuits developed at imec.

Optical beamforming and LIDAR systems are presently attracting much interest due to its relevance to industrial automation and autonomous vehicles. These LIDAR systems are often used to create 3D maps of the surroundings. Traditional LIDARs achieve this by scanning a laser beam around the target scene using mechanical mirrors. At imec, we are developing optical beamformers in the form of solid state photonic integrated circuits (PICs) that can replace the scanning mirrors in conventional 3D LIDAR systems.

The student will build a LIDAR demo around imec's beamforming PICs. This means integrating the beam forming PIC with a laser source, detectors, and driver electronics. Signal processing algorithms are also needed for turning raw data into accurate distance values based on the time-of-flight method. Understanding the effect of each component on the system performance will also be key.

The task is suited for a person that is interested in hands-on experiments and programming. It is also expected that the student can rapidly learn the necessary LIDAR theory. Knowledge of integrated photonic circuits is a plus.​

Type of project: Thesis

Required degree: Master of Science

Required background: Electrotechnics/Electrical Engineering, Physics

Supervising scientist(s): For further information or for application, please contact: Jon Kjellman ( and Roelof Jansen (

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