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Critical failure modes in bifacial photovoltaics technology

Potential-induced degradation is one of the most critical failure modes in (bifacial) photovoltaic systems.


Photovoltaic (PV) systems are one of the only electronic devices that are expected to survive outdoors for 25 to 30 years making module and system quality one of the cornerstones of guaranteed return on investments. Although R&D in PV reliability has made tremendous progress in last decades the work is far from done. Many problems remain still a puzzle and as technology evolves new challenges are also on the rise. PID (potential-induced degradation) is one of the most critical failure modes with a high financial impact. With the research into new materials and PV technologies, PID always has to be carefully investigated. Insights in the physical mechanism of the performance loss and adequate testing methodologies are crucial to develop adapted solutions at all levels.