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The five highlights of March 2018

Life is busy! So you might not always have the time to keep up with imec’s latest news and achievements. On this page, you can find a quick overview of what imec has been up to in the past month.

Imec honors Qualcomm founder Irwin M. Jacobs with ‘Lifetime of Innovation Award’

On March 14, imec presented its annual ‘Lifetime of Innovation Award’ to Dr. Irwin Jacobs, Founding Chairman and CEO Emeritus of Qualcomm. Imec’s annual industry honor is presented to an individual who has pioneered the field of semiconductor technology.  The award will be formally handed over at the global Imec Technology Forum (ITF) in May in Belgium.

Irwin Jacobs’ many technological contributions laid the groundwork for creating mobile communication as we know it today. Under his leadership, Qualcomm developed two-way mobile satellite communications and tracking systems deemed the most advanced in the world. He pioneered spread-spectrum technology and systems using CDMA (code division multiple access), which became digital standards for cellular phone communications. Together, these technologies opened mobile communications to the global consumer market.

Want to know more? Read the full press release here.

Seamless communication even in crisis situations

Communication can save lives. But what if existing technology is no longer available, after an attack for example? Scientists from IDLab – an imec research group at the universities of Ghent and Antwerp – are working on an innovative system that would allow wireless networks to have smooth communication even in crisis situations. DARPA, the American Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, recently awarded the project 750,000 dollars.

The team’s researchers focus on artificial intelligence. What often goes wrong nowadays is that the information that is sent out by various wireless devices ‘collides’ because the devices are using the same channel on the wireless spectrum. By teaching wireless devices such as smartphones to figure out what other devices are doing and to predict when they will use which channels, these collisions can be avoided. That way, it is no longer necessary to make wireless communication plans or agreements in advance – something that’s impossible in crisis situations anyway.  

At this moment, researchers are mainly tackling fundamental research, but practical applications are already twinkling on the horizon.

To know more and read the full press release, click here.

“Techpeditie” demonstrates how technology makes our lives more comfortable

Beginning of March, imec’s Techpeditie started in Gent: a free, interactive pop-up expo that tours the 13 main Flemish cities. The Techpeditie is for the young and old. Through innovative prototypes, it illustrates how technology is becoming central in our daily, lives.
At the Techpeditie, visitors follow a route along 16 innovative technologies, concrete applications that will make our daily lives more comfortable. Each has been made into a prototype demonstrator, so that visitors can try it out. Examples are the digital stress coach, the smart packaging, and the real-time biking monitor.

Imec ranks 2nd in Belgium for European patent filings

This month, the European Patent Office published its report on 2017. The top technical fields in which European patents were filed were: medical technology (+6.2%), digital communication (+5.7%), and computer technology (+4.1%), all key domains in which imec is active. In the ranking of Belgian companies filing European patent applications, imec came out second. 

Thanks to all our inventors who made this possible!

Got talent? Consider a job at imec!

Imec is growing! So we are continuously on the lookout for new talent in many domains. Whether you are a student looking for a valuable PhD position or a seasoned professional; whether you are an expert in nanotech, big data, or medical technology; whether your specialty is research, law, finance, or communication ... we’ve probably got a job for you. 

Interested? Have a look at our latest vacancies. We are an equal opportunity employer, with an open, informal and diverse working environment, an environment where you’ll get ample opportunity to take initiative and show responsibility. In return, we’ll actively invest in your personal and professional wellbeing and growth.

Imec is writing a great story. A story in which talent shapes technology and technology shapes talent. You may be part of the story!

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