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The 5 highlights of the summer

Life is busy! So you might not always have the time to keep up with imec’s latest news and achievements. On this page you can find a quick overview of what imec has been doing in the past two months.

Collecting awards at SEMICON West

In July imec received two awards at SEMICON West. For our work regarding 3D integration in the semiconductor industry we received the 3D Incites Award for Best Research Institute. At the same conference, our researchers were also given the Best ATE Paper Award for their paper ‘Test-Station for Flexible Semi-Automatic Wafer-Level Silicon Photonics Testing’, written in cooperation with Cascade Microtech (now Formfactor, Inc). In this paper, the researchers describe a new system to test 300mm wafers with silicon-photonic components. Read more about this paper and the ATE Paper Award here.

Record-breaking conversion efficiency for perovskite/silicon solar modules

In 2016, imec already presented the first semi-transparent perovskite module stacked on top of an IBC c-Si solar cell in a 4-terminal tandem configuration. Now, our researchers have been able to significantly improve the technology, resulting in a record-high power conversion efficiency of 23.9% for modules of 4cm2. To accomplish this, they used a different kind of semi-transparent perovskite material (CsFAPbIBr) to improve the conversion efficiency and the stability of the pervoskite module. They also optimized the architecture of the stack for minimal optical losses. Click here to read more.

Belgium is phenomenal… thanks to imec!

The Belgian government recently launched a campaign with 99 reasons why Belgium is uniquely phenomenal. Number 90 immediately caught our eye: because of imec, Belgians are pioneers in nanotechnology! We are proud to have made this list. Click here to see the 98 other reasons why Belgium is truly one of a kind.

Flemish minister participates in imec’s stress research

In July the Flemish Minister for Work, Economy, Innovation and Sports participated in an imec stress study. For five days he was hooked up to special mobile sensors – one around his wrist, one on his chest – to monitor his heartrate and temperature. His (anonymous) data will be part of a large-scale study with a thousand participants. The aim of the research is to map the different causes of stress to optimize stress management techniques. 

Imec as an international employer: creating a supportive community

A study by recruitment office Randstad indicated that Belgium will need 1 million new highly educated employees by 2025. To do this, the country will have to attract foreign talent. As expats often struggle with practical issues and integration into the local community, it’s important to provide sufficient guidance and support.

Sixty percent of imec employees are foreigners, bringing together over 70 different nationalities. Thus, for imec, it’s especially important to provide an attractive, supportive climate for international employees and their families. That’s why, in 2013, we joined forces with KU Leuven, Stad Leuven and VIB to create the International School of Leuven (ISL). We also support new employees in a number of other areas, e.g. finding housing, supporting their partner in their job search, integrating into the local community (for instance, by offering Dutch classes at imec). 

Interested in joining our international team? We’re always looking for new talent. Take a look at our vacancies here.

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