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White paper: implantables

Small, smart and Connected. Technologies for the next generation of implantable devices.

Whether for diagnostics or therapeutics, the future of implantable medical devices (or implantables) is small, smart and connected. In one miniaturized device:

  • You want to embed several sensing capabilities with minimum power requirements to harvest a maximum of data. 
  • You need integrated algorithms to translate this data into actionable insights and therapeutic interventions.
  • You require wireless technologies to share this knowledge with caregivers.

This poses a whole series of challenges on the level of sensors, systems and analytics. Advances in chip and digital technology make it possible to overcome these challenges.

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In this white paper you will learn how imec’s expertise and track record in nanoelectronics solutions can contribute to overcoming these challenges. More specifically, you’ll discover solutions for all the necessary building blocks for a smart medical implant: sensing, actuation, powering, wireless communication, biocompatibility and data processing.  

Who should read this white paper?

Are you involved in the design, strategy, or productization of medical devices? Does your company or institute develop implanted devices used for therapeutics, diagnostics, patient monitoring, or clinical research? Then this white paper will reveal how semiconductor technology can contribute to your product or system. And it will show how you can take your R&D projects on medical devices to the next level. 

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