The Kidney Implant Development Network Worldwide (KIDNEW) is a cooperative effort, pulled by Fokko Wieringa (imec & Dutch Kidney Foundation) and Murray Sheldon (FDA-CDRH) to stimulate communication and cooperation between the best brains in the world on better Kidney Replacement Therapies, ultimately aiming for an Implantable Artificial Kidney (IAK).


kidnew meeting

Group picture at the 2nd KIDNEW meeting, during ASN 2019.

What does KIDNEW do?

  • It targets the support of disruptive KRT solutions that can fundamentally improve the quality of life for people with kidney failure. It strives for their worldwide availability and affordability.
  • It promotes the synchronization between roadmaps from the Kidney Health Initiative (KHI), European Kidney Health Alliance (EKHA)  & International Society of Nephrology (ISN). And it directly interacts between relevant international scientists, engineers, physicians, patients, policy makers, investors, regulators, foundations & other stakeholders (all interacting at IDEAS) to boost the development of an (ultimately) implantable artificial kidney.
  • It expresses no preferences about the exact form of the resulting product(s), like technical device, bioreactor, xenotransplant, chimera, or others.



News about KIDNEW

On World Kidney Day, March 10 2022, American and European Kidney Patient organizations jointly published an infographic about the urgent need for innovation.

On World Kidney Day, March 11 2021, US and EU kidney groups set up a new collaboration to expand the role of kidney patients as central influencers to drive innovation in kidney therapies. Read the press release