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Watch the video of the KIDNEW meeting on wearable and implantable kidneys

In the last 50 years, there has been nearly no progress on dialysis technology. But finally, the tables are turning. International experts from the technological as well as the medical worlds are joining forces to develop systems that will improve the lives of millions.

Want to eavesdrop on how they see the future of renal therapy? Watch the full video of the online ASAIO-IFAO KIDNEW meeting which was hosted by imec on June 12, 2020.

KIDNEW stands for ‘Kidney Implant Development NEtwork Worldwide’. The meeting was attended by an international group of nephrologists and technologists, policy makers and patient advocates, and members from regulatory institutions and the scientific press.

Watch the video


Here’s an overview of the speakers and topics. The time indications help you to quickly jump to the respective presentation.

  1. An International Roadmap for Innovative Renal Replacement Therapy
    Murray Sheldon, FDA, USA
  2. The Kidney Project
    Shuvo Roy, UCSF, USA
  3. Development of New Artificial Kidney Technology
    Jamie Hestekin, US Kidney Research Corporation, UCLA & Univ. of Arkansas, USA
  4. Ambulatory Kidney to Improve Vitality (AKTIV)
    Buddy Ratner, University of Washington & Center for Dialysis Innovation, USA
  5. The (Re)building of a Kidney Consortium
    Iain Drummond, Mount Desert Island Biological Lab, USA
  6. Implantable Blood Purification Devices
    Morteza Ahmadi, Qidni, Canada
  7. Membranes for (Bio)Artificial Kidney Devices
    Dimitrios Stamatialis, University of Twente, Netherlands
  8. Regenerative Medicine Crossing Borders - RegMed XB: The Kidney Moonshot
    Marianne Verhaar, Utrecht University Medical Center
  9. Update on NeoKidney Consortium & KIDNEW
    Fokko Wieringa, imec & Dutch Kidney Foundation
  10. Experiences from Semiconductor Roadmapping &
    Getting Disruptive Medical Technology Running

    Patrick de Jager, ASML
  11. Wrap-up Discussion & Action Points
    Steve Ash, Fokko Wieringa, Murray Sheldon, Chairing panel

Watch the video

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