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/Imec and Sarcura introduce scalable on-chip detection of human white blood cells

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Imec and Sarcura introduce scalable on-chip detection of human white blood cells

On-chip flow cytometer using integrated photonics paves the way for high-throughput cell analysis

About Sarcura

Sarcura GmbH is an Austrian-based early-stage technology company,  powering new possibilities in cell therapy manufacturing. While cell therapy has revolutionized cancer treatment, manufacturing patient-derived cell therapies remains a significant challenge for the industry. Issues with quality and scalability result in high therapeutic costs and limited access to life-saving treatments. By utilizing silicon chip technology, Sarcura aims to develop a miniaturized and autonomous cell therapy manufacturing platform. This innovation is expected to increase manufacturing capacity by 100 times and reduce costs by a factor of 10, making advanced cell therapies more accessible and affordable.

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About imec

Imec is a world-leading research and innovation center in nanoelectronics and digital technologies. Imec leverages its state-of-the-art R&D infrastructure and its team of more than 5,500 employees and top researchers, for R&D in advanced semiconductor and system scaling, silicon photonics, artificial intelligence, beyond 5G communications and sensing technologies, and in application domains such as health and life sciences, mobility, industry 4.0, agrofood, smart cities, sustainable energy, education, … Imec unites world-industry leaders across the semiconductor value chain, Flanders-based and international tech, pharma, medical and ICT companies, start-ups, and academia and knowledge centers. Imec is headquartered in Leuven (Belgium), and has research sites across Belgium, in the Netherlands and the USA, and representation in 3 continents. In 2023, imec's revenue (P&L) totaled 941 million euro.

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Imec is a registered trademark for the activities of imec International (IMEC International, a legal entity set up under Belgian law as a “stichting van openbaar nut”), imec Belgium (IMEC vzw supported by the Flemish Government), imec the Netherlands (Stichting IMEC Nederland supported by the Dutch Government),  imec Taiwan (IMEC Taiwan Co.), imec China (IMEC Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.), imec India (IMEC India Private Limited), imec San Francisco (IMEC Inc.) and imec Florida (IMEC USA Nanoelectronics Design Center Inc.).