Thin-film flexible electronics


We develop innovative thin-film flexible electronics, a new family of electronic devices primarily made of plastics.

Thin-film electronic technology has a lot of advantages:

  • It enables very small devices, only a few micrometer in thickness, so they can be flexible and transparent by nature
  • It is an ideal technology for ubiquitous electronic devices in trillions of every-day objects: novel materials and large-area manufacturing processes allow for inexpensive manufacturing in large quantities.
  • It opens up a range of new applications, they can be seamlessly attached to a variety of objects such as bottles, patches, clothes, food, packages, machines and cars.

We can help you to select the thin-film technology best-suited to your specific product. 

At imec, we combine our state-of-the-art technologies and advanced manufacturing facilities with a history of excellence in thin-film IC design to offer you custom development, prototyping and sheet-to-sheet production.



Jump-start your project with our thin-film solutions

Imec is involved in advancing a broad range of thin-film electronics technologies, including:

Thin-film displays

Thin-film OLED displays with reduced power consumption, extended lifetime, high resolution and lower manufacturing costs.

Thin-film image sensors

Large area flexible imagers and thin-film photo diodes on top of CMOS with applications in bioinformatics, surveillance, medical x-ray and more.

Flexible and disposable thin-film circuits for RFID and NFC

 Flexible and disposable thin-film circuits for RFID and NFC with increased performance and better power efficiency to replace silicon CMOS transistors.

Thin-film solar cells

Thin-film solar cells such as semi-transparent and flexible perovskite solar cells for building-integrated photovoltaics and integration into all kinds of surfaces.

Flexible and stretchable electronics

Flexible and stretchable electronics for inexpensive, thin, flexible visual displays, LEDs and health sensors that are easily integrated into wearables and clothing or worn on the skin.

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What can we do for you?

  • Our industrial affiliation program enables you to share costs and expertise to accelerate your product roadmap while lowering the risks involved in advanced research.

  • Our custom product development, design, prototyping and manufacturing services will significantly shorten your time-to-market.

  • Our infrastructure is a unique combination of advanced R&D facilities for thin-film electronics and roll-to-roll manufacturing.

Why work with us?

  • You will profit from our acclaimed multidisciplinary expertise in the design of organic and oxide circuits, RFIDs and NFCs, as well as from our impressive expertise centers in material and component analysis, modeling, metrology, reliability, processing, and more.

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