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Sensor data fusion

Imec aims to develop a multiple sensor fusion platform for high speed, time critical and computation-intensive applications such as autonomous cars, smart homes and industrial robotics. 

Multi-radar, multi-modal sensor data processing

Our sensor fusion platform will combine data from multiple radars and multi-modal sensors (radars and cameras, for example) with pre-processing techniques and machine learning to detect and classify objects. The radar will recognize objects and patterns using a database of signatures (for bicycles and pedestrians, for example). 

Our data fusion is based on deep learning principles. While it is critical for sensors to recognize certain patterns immediately, some of the non-time critical “learning” of sensors can happen through the feeding of information from the cloud and edge nodes of the network.

What can we do for you?

  • With a proven track-record in mm-wave IC and antenna design in-house, we can help you develop your next-generation radar solution from design to prototyping and shorten your time-to market. 
  • Join our industrial affiliation program to access early research insights, giving you an advantage over your competition while allowing you to share the costs and risks of advanced research with other technology leaders.

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  • We are a world-recognized center-of-excellence with an extensive IP portfolio in low-power chip design.
  • Join our R&D program to access our broad industrial and academic network with close links with leading EDA and IP vendors and commercial foundries.

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