Take a look at how the goal of a sustainable future guides our research and our internal organization.

Can technology improve our lives? We believe it can. The true question is: how do we make sure that it does? And how do we know that we take the right actions? That benefit everyone.

One part of the answer is: by working together. Our belief in collaboration is even greater than our faith in technology. To ensure that our efforts fit into a worldwide framework that promotes sustainability, we support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2019, we selected the Sustainable Development Goals on which we primarily though not exlusively – focus our research, because we believe nano- and digital technology can greatly speed up their progress.

2020 Sustainability Report

The 2020 Sustainability Report gives a true picture of imec’s social, environmental and ethical performances & engagement, relevant for imec stakeholders and imec employees. It is a transparent and public statement about ambitions and progress towards the goals.

Discover the 2020 Sustainability Report

Smart health
Good health: ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being

Renewable energy: developing smart grids

Quality education: sharing expertise

Smart industry
Innovation and infrastructure: creating future-proof technology

Sustainable cities and communities: tackling urban challenges with smart city solutions

Responsible consumption: rethinking production and consumption

Climate action: transforming energy

Partnership for the goals: the best way forward is together