Green IC industry white paper


Take a look at how the goal of a sustainable future guides our research and our internal organization.

Sustainability: an integral part of our DNA

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Central role of imec in sustainability and society

At imec, we believe innovation in nano- and digital technology can greatly accelerate our journey to a sustainable society. We can stretch this positive impact even further by creating and supporting sustainable start-ups. Although these efforts can’t always be shown by exact numbers, we believe that imec holds the key to unlock the countless possibilities that help the world’s fight against climate change.

As the world’s leading R&D center in IC design, we find ourselves at the very crossroads of innovation and development that make it possible to convert possibilities into actions. Through our position in the semiconductor network, imec can provide both the knowledge and insight needed to set the green conversion in motion. This is how we help our partners in creating faster, more ecologically efficient, and crucially more sustainable products.

This is our purpose. This is how we embrace a better life.

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Working sustainably & creating impact through research

Imec’s strategy follows a two-pronged approach: As a leading R&D institute, we focus on working sustainably in all our operations and maximizing our positive impact through our research activities and ventures.

Our operations aim to fully embed sustainability in our DNA through our respect for our environment, our people and through good governance. We are convinced that a sustainable way of working will conduct this mindset towards the way we conduct our R&D. Along with our sustainable ventures, we can greatly impact the green technology of tomorrow. Our strategy for shaping the future starts with small local details and flows over into global green solutions.

A sustainable approach through...

Our R&D

For the semiconductor industry, imec’s Sustainable Semiconductor Technologies and Systems (SSTS) program sets out to assess, improve, and disrupt fab processes to reduce their environmental impact. In addition, imec takes up its responsibility by researching and developing innovative technologies for generating, storing, and converting energy in a planet-friendly way.

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Our ventures

Through its central position in the deep-tech ecosystem and its wide venturing experience, imec is the ideal partner to guide ideas toward commercial maturity. We have a long history of launching start-ups and enabling innovative ideas. Imec truly believes that by creating and supporting start-ups, we can positively impact our society.

Our people

Sustainability is in our DNA and we strongly believe that diversity and inclusion are the fuel of our innovation. We seek to offer an inspiring workplace in an international context and amid rapid growth. We believe in increasing individual resilience and cultivating a sustainable, stable workplace

Green IC industry white paper

Work in progress

We want to roll up our sleeves and challenge the narrative of being part of a sector that could still improve. Though the semiconductor industry can provide plenty of solutions to combat climate issues, let’s not forget that estimates indicate that 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions will originate from the semiconductor and microchip business in the next 20 years. So: it's clear we have lots of homework to do. But with our expertise in R&D (SSTS, energy research, battery research, power to molecule...) and ventures (Hyve, Enfoil...), we not only want to act on our promises of carbon-free imec sites but produce a global impact through collaborations with key players of the industry as well. As the chip lab of the world, we can provide the know-how that enables others to work towards a future worthy of passing down to the coming generations.